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  • Fall 2006

FALL 2006

*A Fall Quetico Classic – Fleck – p.5

            wood canvas canoes; Argo, Darky, Roland

*Lessons In The Fall – Kois – p.11

            Seagull, Ogishkemuncie, Little Saganaga, Fraser, Kekekabic; fall tripping tips

*The Amazing Red Trout – Murray – p.17

            BWCAW red lake trout strain; how & where

*Gordy – Olson – p.23

            legendary Gunflint fishing guide Gordy Poehls

*Boundary Waters State Of Mind – Arko – p.25

            cabin life on the Gunflint; day tripping; wildlife encounters

*Turf N’ Surf Odyssey – Rud & Colgate – p.31

            September hike on Kekekabic Trail & across Quetico canoe trip

*Living On The Edge – Editor’s Column – Osthoff – p.40

            flyfishing smallmouth on Basswood Lake;

            family trip to Kahshahpiwi, Sark, McNeice; fishing

BWCAW trip: Snake River, Bald Eagle, Gabbro

*The Forgotten Spruce Grouse – Prusi – p.54

*The Best Laid Plans – Kellgren – p.59

            BWCAW route: Homer, Vern River, Pipe battling blowdown, wind & rain; fishing

*Fire: Friend And Foe – Monthei – p.64

            BWCAW route: Ensign, Trident, Vera, Negligee, Kekekabic, Knife

*Favorite Canoe Camping Gear – BWJ Readers – p.72

            stoves, tarps, food packs, axe, yokes, PFDs

*Lollipop Loop To Pickerel – Volkening – p.81

Quetico route: Saganaga, Falls Chain, Kawnipi, McKenzie, Cache, Baptism, Pickerel, Sturgeon, Russell,  Keats, Shelley; fall paddle trip

*Quiet Adventure – Highlen – p.98

            BWCAW trip: Hegman, Angleworm, Home, Gull, Gun, Fairy, Boot, Fourtown, Horse 

Fall 2006

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