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BWJ T.R.I.P.S. PROGRAM  ---  All active 3 and 5 year BWJ subscribers are eligible to participate in our  FREE canoe trip planning service .  Stu Osthoff spends more than 8 weeks each season paddling the BWCAW/Quetico through the Grand Slam Guide Service.  35 years of association with thousands of BWJ readers means Stu can probably help with your next trip.  Typically, Stu can share advice/recommendations on campsite rankings, proven fishing spots by species, portage trail conditions, water levels, where to find solitude, blueberries, historical sites etc.


All active 3 and 5 year BWJ subscribers are eligible to participate in TRIPS. (Subscribers with 1 or 2 year subscriptions may extend their subscription to the 3 or 5 year level at any time)

To Participate, Please Follow These Instructions:

  1. Contact Stu Osthoff to find out if he can mark maps for your trip route*
  2. If Stu responds "Yes I can Help", please fill out the trip questionnaire online (print PDF version)
  3. Purchase the appropriate map(s) for your route from our online store*

 *Stu will only mark maps for trip routes that he is familiar with
**If you already have the maps you need for your trip, please mail them to Stu with a self addressed, postage paid envelope
(9396 Rocky Ledge Road, Ely, MN 55731)

PLEASE NOTE:  I personally prefer McKenzie maps for the BWJ TRIPS Program.  Their larger scale makes it easier for me to accurately mark specific locations.  Islands, points, bays etc. are more distinguishable on a larger scale.  McKenzie also has more of the BWCAW lakes depth charted which is a real asset for fishing reefs and structure.  Black and white photocopies are no longer acceptable, as it is too hard for me to read and mark them. 

  • Please allow 4 weeks for your BWJ TRIPS report to be processed.
  • Try to submit your BWJ TRIPS request between January and April. From mid-May through November I am “in the woods”. Do not wait until summer. 
  • Maps can be ordered online or by calling BWJ at (218) 365-6184

"It is my pleasure to share what I can to help you enjoy your wilderness canoe trip. Thank you very much for being a loyal BWJ subscriber."

~ Stu Osthoff , Publisher                                                


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