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  • Fall 2007

FALL 2007

*Back Again To Hunters Island – Volkening – p.5

            Quetico route: Saganaga, Falls Chain, Kawnipi, Cairn, Sark, Kahshahpiwi, Basswood, Knife

*Backpacking The Sioux Hustler Trail – Pruett – p.14

            hiking trail in BWCAW

*Wilderness Inheritance – Ilse – p.19

            nurturing a love of the wild in kids

*Living On The Edge – Editor’s Column – Osthoff – p.24

            smallmouth bass trip: Lac La Croix, Pocket, Iron, Oyster

BWCAW trip: Snowbank, Ima, Thomas, Fraser, Sagus, Roe, Cap, Boulder, Adams, Beaver, Alice; walleye fishing

BWCAW trip: Stuart River & Lake; walleye fishing; plus Stuart Lake campsite evaluation, 5 sites

*Canoeing In The Thirties – Stenlund – p.36

*A Father’s Perspective – Tungseth – p.38

            father & son fishing in BWCAW

*A Royal Day Trip – Kaiser – p.40

            BWCAW route: Little John Lake, Royal River & Lake, North Fowl, South Fowl

*Quetico Grand Slam – Osthoff – p.47

a Quetico fishing trip with lots of trophy walleyes, 40-inch pike, smallmouth & lake trout: Brent, Conmee, Suzanette, Darky

*A Dry Year – Young – p.58

Quetico route: Clay Lake, Greenwood Creek, Wawiag River, Kawnipi, Montgomery, Sark, Kahshahpiwi

*Rookie Mistakes – Stierman – p.66

*Extending The Paddling Season – Ricker – p.68

            BWCAW route, fall trip: Little Indian Sioux River, Pauness

*Real Hunting For Superior Bucks – Osthoff – p.73

            how to hunt BWCAW wilderness whitetails, arguably the highest quality deer hunting in America

*Memorable Quetico Portages – Foley – p.79

            a top 10 of the toughest trails in Quetico

*Ice In Canoeing – Rud & Colgate – p.95

            BWCAW November canoe trip: Moose, Birch, Knife, Vera, Ensign

Fall 2007

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