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  • Summer 2003


*Planning That First Solo – Moore – p.5

            making the most of paddling alone

*Dreams Come True – Quant – p.16

            big pike on Kawnipi

*Chasing Glaciers – Heator – p.21

            canoe country geology

*Living On The Edge – Editor’s Column – Osthoff – p.26

            spring lake trout: Argo, Darky, Roland

*Wildlife Adventures – Smith – p.34

*Wilderness Values: The Priceless Intangibles – Osthoff – p.40

            solitude, beauty, recreation, camaraderie, ecological, spiritual fulfillment; the essence of wilderness

*Trekking Through “Art Madsen’s Wilderness” – Manzo – p.55

            kayak trip: Sag, Ottertrack, Knife, Carp, Emerald; historical trip

*Clouds For Partners – Trygg – p.62


*Off The Beaten Path: The Jinx – Hill – p.74

            keeping a positive attitude despite adversity

*Good Lake – Thomson – p.82

            bass fishing on Good Lake

*Quetico Rescue Rangers – Kluz – p.85

            paddlers rescue trapped moose calves

*A Month On The Canoe Trails – Ryall – p.88

BWCAW: Snowbank, Disappointment, Ima, Thomas, Sagus, Boulder, Adams, Beaver, Kawishiwi River

*Windblown But Happy – Kinzer – p.97

*The Wilderness At Night – Jones – p.101

            night travel to retrieve lost pack

Summer 2003

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