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  • Fall 2004

FALL 2004

*Campsite Jinx – Moore – p.5

            storms follow this camper

*Return Of XYCompany – Nelson – p.14

            handcrafted wood paddles from Atikokan

*September Solitude – Monthei – p.18

BWCAW route: Cross River, Long Island Lake, Omega, Meeds, Horseshoe, Vista, Winchell, Davis, Cone,  Kiskadinna, Frost River, Chase, Karl

*Smallmouth Spawning Double Take – Borkholder – p.29

            smallmouth biology: weather, adaptations, fishing

*Leading The Way – Koshiol – p.32

            advice for leading youth group canoe trips

*Gunflint Country Morning – Arko – p.41

            remembering the old days; walleye fishing

*Living On The Edge – Editor’s Column – Osthoff – p.46

            BWCAW trip: Kawishiwi Lake, Polly, Malberg, Pan

            Quetico trip: Crooked, Argo, William, Conmee; trophy walleye fishing

            BWCAW trip: Angleworm, Gull, Thunder, Beartrap fishing

*Across The BWCAW – Brotzler – p.58

CraneLake, Loon, Heritage, Ruby, Hustler, Oyster, Agnes, Dahlgren River, Stuart, Nibin, Bibon, Sterling, Sunday, Beartrap, Gull, Gun, Boot, Fourtown, Mudro

*The Ultimate Goal – Blazino – p.68

            canoe tripping styles evolve: travel vs. fishing

*Dr. Bob Princeton: Class of 1922 – Patterson – p.74

            guiding canoe trips in the 1940s

*Readers Forum – BWJ Readers – p.96

            favorite canoe models

Fall 2004

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