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  • Fall 2012

FALL 2012

*Burt Beckons – Colgate & Rud – p.4

            September lake trout trip to Quetico, Burt, Darky Argo Lakes

*Testing The Limits – Monthei – p.16

            BWCAW fall trip to Tuscarora, Gillis, Crooked during Pagami Lake fire

*A Wild October – Danielson – p. 27

            a four-week trip adventure in Quetico with plenty of natural challenges

*Grand Slam Summer 2012 – Osthoff – p.37

            BWJ publisher Stu Osthoff reviews his summer of guiding Quetico fishing trips for bass, walleyes,

            lake trout and pike, plus Sutton River brook trout

*Ober's Long Season – Glover – p.52

            the history of Ernest OberHoberholtzer in the canoe country, including his 1909 Quetico trip that

            inspired him to become one of the area's major conservationists

*Swimming Across Quetico – Nelson – p. 56

            Tom Hainey swam nearly 50 miles across the top of Quetico in 1993; the incredible story of how and         why he did it

*Collective Wisdom – Canoe Trip Dynamics – p.61

            BWJ field editors examine managing canoe trip group dynamics; advice for leaders and participants

            on how to enjoy each other's company in the wilderness

*Paddling Whitewater: A Primer – Kesselring – p.91

            a primer on the basics of whitewater canoeing skills and know how

*5-Star – Teach – p. 97

            wilderness poetry

Fall 2012

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