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  • Spring 2014


*Solo Challenge – Norbury – p. 4

spring solo trip: Little Indian Sioux River North, Loon, Beartrack, Finger, Pocket, Gebonequet, Oyster, Hustler, Lynx, Shell, Lower Pauness; adventure, wildlife; no fishing

*Winds Of August – Janssen – p. 14

            Quetico fishing trip to north end of Agnes; paddling and fishing in high winds

*French Lake Mystery – Pierce – p. 24

            a strange natural phenomenon few canoe country paddlers have ever seen

*Canoe Country Grand Slam Series–Part 3–Lake Trout – Osthoff, Colgate – p. 28

the definitive BWJ article on when, how and where to fish BWCAW/Quetico lake trout: super-detailed advice on tactics and tackle that are proven to work; includes lake trout index with synopsis and ratings for 55 Quetico lakes and 32 BWCAW lakes

*Collective Wisdom – Campsite Savvy – p .44

BWJ field editors give valuable advice on setting up on a safe, comfortable and enjoyable canoe country campsite

*The Ultimate Canoe Country Bushwhack – Zabokrtsky – p. 61

amazing cross country hike & swim from Atikokan to Ely; think you could walk through the   woods and swim the waters of the Quetico/BWCAW? this guy makes it happen

*The Packing List – Foley – p. 72

            all the essentials for your canoe trip checklist

*Emergency Protocol For The BWCAW/Quantico – Monthei – p. 79

what to do if your group has an emergency in the wilderness including communicating messages to rescue personnel

*40th Anniversary Canoe Trip – Joseph – p. 95

these two couples have been paddling the canoe country together for 40 years and still loving it

Spring 2014

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