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  • Winter 2014



*Romancing The BWCAW Winter – Paulsen – p. 4

hard-core winter campers ski on through tough conditions to find adventure and companionship

*Winter Camping With The Kids – Waltenbaugh – p. 16

wall tent & wood stove makes for the perfect approach to get the kids interested in winter camping; gear essentials

*Living On The Edge – Editor's Column – Osthoff – p. 22

October BWCAW fall color trip into Beartrap River country plus 2014 deer hunting season review

*Wild Girls Night Out – Zuaro – p. 35

bad windstorm hits an all-women's' group on Loon Lake, knocking big trees onto tents inflicting serious injuries with evacuation needed

*Planning Your Groups Canoe Trip – Volkening – p. 39

            all the pre-trip planning details are important for successful wilderness canoe trips

*Collective Wisdom – One Last Trip – p. 46

BWJ field editors sit back and imagine if they could take just one final canoe trip….where would it be, with who, what would they do, etc.

*BWCAW Campsite Review – Monthei – p. 64

East Bearskin, Alder, Canoe, Crystal, Moon, Deer, Caribou, Little Caribou and Crocodile Lakes campsites are all described in detail and rated

*The Quetico Foundation – Kesselring – p.73

the history and mission of this 60-year-old organization which is looking out for the future of Quetico

*The Geezer Route – Budd – p. 78

Quetico route, summer trip: Beaverhouse, Quetico, Kasakokwog, McAlpine, Batchewaung; easy portage route with good fishing

*Mother/Daughter Wilderness Tripping – Daanen – p. 91

a mother watches her daughter grow up on the canoe trails; helping teenage girls develop an interest/passion for the outdoors

*Daypack Delights – Osthoff – p. 97

            how to carry/organize all the gear you need while on the trail each day


Winter 2014

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