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*Searching for Crag – Paulsen – p. 4

Winter ski trip in BWCAW – Round/Gotter/Green/Crag/Flying/Brant – Bushwacking Crowd

*Gunflint Renewal – Hennessy – p. 10

savvy advice for those who want to try a winter ski trip into the BWCAW

*BWCAW Cold Camping – McCarthy – p. 18

how to "cold camp" in BWCAW winters; all the gear and "know how" you need to pull it off

*Living on the Edge: Fall 2016 – Osthoff – p. 26

BWCAW fall color trip (Horse/Fourtown) and the 2016 Deer Elk hunting season

*The Voyageur Way – Johnson – p. 47

this group hand-made their own 26' north canoe, then paddled/portaged it through Quetico. Quite the challenge at 260 lbs. over rough trails!

*Collective Wisdom: Canoe Country Hazards – BWJ Field Editors– p. 54

field editors share advice on minimizing exposure to lightning, high winds and other wilderness hazards. 2016 was a bad year for trees falling on tents. Learn how to "camp smart" out there.

*Lac La Croix First Nation –Monthei – p.81

learn about the First Nation people and their culture who still live next to the BWCAW/Quetico on Lac La Croix

Winter 2016

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