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  • Summer 2016


*Go When You Can – Klos – p.4

emotional tribute to a special Dad for teaching his sons/grandsons the wilderness values of canoe country

*Dear Dad Paulsen – Paulsen – p. 12

another thank you to Dad for inspiring a love of the outdoors in his son; a passion that has taken him to the great paddling places of North America

*Camp Magic – Hallgren – p. 20

Quetico route through Falls Chain, Kawnipi, Mack Lake; great fishing and camp camaraderie

*The Herring Gull – Spindler – p. 27

fascinating profile of this common Boundary Waters bird

*Fishing From Shore In Canoe Country – Mead – p. 32

when, where and how to catch fish from shore in the Boundary Waters

*Portaging Like The Pros – Osthoff – p. 38

the definitive BWJ story on managing portage efficiency and safety while transcending the ordinary canoe trip

*Through The Eyes Of A Toddler – Haverkamp – p. 54

Mom & Dad take 3-year-old daughter on here canoe trip; everyone learns a lot and has a great time

*Collective Wisdom – High, Dry, And Happy – p. 60

BWJ field editors share valuable advice on staying dry in canoe country, from rain gear to tents, tarps, how to pack gear, etc.

*Playing Around The Edges – Brotzler – p. 78

enjoying the BWCAW on day trips while base camping out of Superior National Forest campgrounds

*BWCAW Campsite Review – Monthei – p. 83

Isabella and Perent Lakes

Summer 2016

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