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  • Spring 2018

*Cache Lake Challenge-Blazino, p. 4

Father and three young sons tackle Quetico’s toughest portaging route and discover many rewards.

*Mosquitoes of Paradise-Wahlstrom, p. 12

Attitude adjustment, clothing, tripping strategies are all as much a part of Canoe Country bug defense as DEET. This story is the last word on dealing with mosquitoes.

*BWCAW Heritage Trout—Hobbs, p. 20

Only 35 of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes have completely naturally reproducing populations of Lake Trout and have never been stocked. Most of them are off the Gunflint Trail. Learn what lakes are Heritage Trout lakes and how to fish them.

*Speed Paddling the Voyageur Route-Johnson, p. 25

Bob “BeaV” Vollhaber sets a solo canoeing record of 91 hours from Rainy Lake to Grand Portage. An impressive feat; read of paddling and portaging toughness.

*Revelations of a Canoe Country Guide-Osthoff, p. 30

BWJ Publisher/Wilderness Guide, Stu Osthoff, shares 40 years of canoe tripping savvy. This is the definitive BWJ article on “putting it all together”; trip planning/paddling/portaging/ camping/fishing.

*Birding in the Boundary Waters-Kesselring, p. 48

Tips on how to find, observe and enjoy some of The Boundary Waters amazing 150 species of birds.

*Against All Odds-Lundquist, p. 56

Tale of losing your dog in the BWCAW and the emotional roller coaster that ensued-ultimately with a miraculous happy ending. Lots of food for thought about bringing your dog along on your canoe trip.

*Making That First Trip a Good One, p. 62

BWJ Field Editors weigh in on how to plan and deliver a great first canoe trip experience for rookies. Many schools of thought for both sides of the equation.

*Barefoot in the Park-Tade, p. 81

Meet Mark Zimmer who portages barefoot in the BWCAW and forages for edible plants on his month-long solo trips.

*Highlights of the 2017 Quetico Angling Survey-Jackson, p. 91

Some interesting science and statistics behind our overall angling preferences and performance while fishing Quetico.

*Quetico Spring-Teach, p. 94

            Canoe Country Poetry

*Biffy Fit for a Queen-Secoy, p. 96

            A humorous, yet practical approach for getting the wary to try wilderness canoe tripping.

Spring 2018

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