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  • Summer 2019

The Grandson’s First Trip, Tade, P. 4.  BWJ Photographer Mark Tade takes his 9 & 11-year-old grandsons on their first BWCAW trip.  Lots of coaching, sharing and learning about the delights and challenges of canoe country on Beth Lake.

Tubing Canoe Country Walleyes, King, P. 10.  A whole new approach to jigging Quetico walleyes with bass tube jigs.  Just hook the bass tubes to your standard walleye jigs and hold on for plenty of spectacular big walleye action.  Great walleye “how to” insight for the no-live bait Quetico angler. 

Dream Trip, Fiedler, P. 18.  Fascinating account of Gary Fiedler’s 108-day Quetico adventure, photographing all aspects of the Park for his Radiant Spirit Gallery.  Compelling solo challenge with seven laps per portage and superb photography results. 

The Storm, Shaheen, P. 38.  First-hand account of living through the wicked July 21, 2016 storm on Disappointment Lake and the blowdown aftermath that claimed the lives of other BWCAW campers.

BWCAW vs. Quetico, Osthoff & Reichbach, P. 40.  The definitive BWJ article on comparing/contrasting the BWCAW canoe trip experience with that of the Quetico.  Permits, regulations, camping, portaging, solitude and fishing have very different approaches and expectations.  Both have lots of water and wilderness to enjoy but Quetico is the ultimate for many.

Hades Bound- Myth Becomes Real, Wahlstrom, P. 54.  Solving a BWCAW map mystery with a dose of history and imagination.  Giving these pre-Cambrian rocks their due.

Wooden Canoe Heritage, Grace, P. 61.  The Wooden Canoe Heritage Association celebrates their 40th anniversary with a deep dive into the history and lore of wood and wood/canvas canoes in North America.  How the wooden canoe legacy is being preserved and why it matters.

Collective Wisdom Column- How I Got My Start Canoeing, BWJ Field Editors, P. 68.  Eight different BWJ contributors share the background story of how they developed an affinity for wilderness canoeing.  There are different ways to get hooked on canoe country, what really matters is what you do with that gift once you appreciate it.

Deep Down Lake Trout, Simula, P. 91.  Tackle and tips for going down deeper to 50 feet for canoe country lakers, and still catch and release them to thrill another angler someday. Excellent “how to” intel for lake trout fishing.

Summer 2019

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