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Winter 2019

BWCAW Winter Camping- A Family Affair- Paulsen- P. 4 :  Family and friends ski into Cherokee Lake to enjoy a two weeks of winter adventure from the comfort of a heated wall tent camp. 

Wilderness Teacher- Wahlstrom- P. 14 :  High school teacher runs a BWCAW winter camping program to teach life lessons to his students and appreciation for wilderness values.  These kids learn a lot fast out in the BWCAW in February.

Winter Lake Trout Along The Gunflint Trail- Friedrichs- P. 22 :  Everything you need to know about how, when and where to get started chasing down your own lake trout action through the ice.  Warning- it ain’t easy, but it is very rewarding. 

Heading Towards The Light- Mohagen- P. 28 :  This deeply personal essay shares how a winter trip to the BWCAW helped the author gain valuable perspective on his life and future.  The power of the wilderness experience knows no off-season. 

Living On The Edge- Fall- 2019- Osthoff- P. 34 :  BWJ Publisher, Stu Osthoff shares the highlights of his September elk hunts, October BWCAW trip to Malberg Lake area, grouse hunting with his pointers around Ely and the BWCAW, deer hunting season and more. 

A Few Quetico Highlights- Dailey- P. 48 :  Recalling “the good old days” of canoe tripping the Quetico in the 1950’s and 60’s.  Fascinating how the more things change, the more they stay the same. 

Paddling On, No Matter What- Young- P. 56 :  Author overcomes a cancer diagnosis scare, motivated by her passion for wilderness canoe tripping to get back out there and keep on paddling.  A powerful reminder not to take any of our canoe trips for granted and to get out there as much as possible. 

Collective Wisdom- “What’s In Your Pack?” – BWJ Field Editors- P. 60 :  BWJ staff give you an up-close look at the latest and greatest new canoe tripping gear that they use and recommend.  Upgrade your own outfit with this expert advice on what really works in canoe country, trip after trip. 

Soloing Against All Odds- Yates- P. 76 :  Solo-tripper battles big wind and big portages on the BWCAW route below Lac La Croix- a real wilderness adventure with both adversity and that special sense of accomplishment.

BWCAW Campsite Review- The Fire Lakes- Henning- P. 91 :  The lowdown on all the campsites on Smoke, Burnt, Flame, Kelly.  Know the best sites when planning your trip and save time/energy out there. 

Quetico Grand Slam Poetry-Teach- P. 98 :  Author reveals his passion for canoe country smallmouth, walleye, lake trout and pike through these heart-felt poems.  Music to the ears of all anglers. 

Winter 2019

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