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  • Spring 2020

Spring 2020

Cache Lake Beatdown- Chmelik, P. 4: This fearsome foursome tackles the toughest portages in all of Quetico.  In-depth account of what you’re e up against, if you are up to the challenge of going from Baptism Lake to Mckenzie Lake. 

Keeping My Promise- Blazino, P. 14:  Special father/sons trip to the hallowed trophy walleye waters of Conmee Lake.  The trip lived up to all their dreams and then some.  Solid walleye fishing advice.

Quetico’s Cache Bay Ranger- Janice Matichuk- Friedrichs, P. 20:  Harrowing cold water rescue in 2000 in Cache Bay of Saganaga Lake by Quetico Ranger, Janice Matichuk.  A tragic tale with valuable lessons to learn about paddling big water in big wind. 

Mastering the Quetico Smallmouth Game- Osthoff, P. 28: The definitive BWJ article on putting the whole canoe country smallmouth game plan together.  Expert advice on paddling down the hot smallie topwater bite as the season moves from pre-spawn, to peak spawn, to post-spawn to summer feeding pattern.  Super-in-depth intel on techniques, tackle and specific lakes for big canoe country bronzebacks.

Paddling Down BWCAW History- Monthei, P. 48:  Author shares a lifetime of exploring and tracking down the fascinating sites and remaining signs of human history all across the BWCAW.  Includes specific details on how you can find and enjoy these places and what you can expect to still see at each.   Just be sure not to disturb any of the remaining artifacts or history you find there. 

The Guide- Jebb, P. 58:  The romantic version of the dream summer job working for an Ely outfitter as a wilderness guide doesn’t pan out but the author perseveres and leads an epic Quetico adventure that changed his life and his partner’s, BWJ Publisher, Stu Osthoff.

Collective Wisdom- To Build A Fire- BWJ Field Editors, P. 66 The last word from eight experts on finding, selecting, dropping, hauling, sawing, splitting and cooking with wood in canoe country.  From beaverwood driftwood to red pine, learn how to make the best fires, even in the rain. 

The 1963 Grand Portage Trip- Evetts, P.91 Teenagers take canoe trip in 1963 out of what became the Outward Bound School in Ely up the border route and finishing with trekking the Grand Portage.  Lots of character-building episodes along the way and an interesting look back at the way it was in the good old days. 

Spring 2020

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