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  • Fall 2021

Fall 2021

*Autumn On Lac La Croix- Cook, Page 4: September husband/wife BWCAW canoe route journal. Moose River/Agnes/Lac La Croix. Lots of wildlife and perfect Indian Summer weather.

*Twenty Years Later: Remembering 911- Teach, Page 12: Remembering where you were when that tragic day unfolded- except this solo paddler didn’t learn of the terrorist tacks until a week after the fact.

*Grand Slam Spring/Summer 2021- Osthoff, Page 18: BWJ Publisher/wilderness guide, reviews his five BWCAW canoe/fishing trips from this season- Lac La Croix, Basswood, Knife areas and much more. Lots of detailed fishing intel and paddling through the drought and forest fires.

*Seventeen Canoe Trips Together- Shepard, Page 42:  Two women remember a lifetime as paddling partners on the canoe trails of the BWCAW. Wilderness camaraderie is a priceless gift of canoe country.

*Musings Of A Maven- Scott, Page 48: Fifty years of organizing, leading and mentoring hundreds of newcomers to the canoe country. Boatloads of great advice on everything from trip planning to gear to routes and more.

*Hiking With A Canoe- Keane, Page 58: Family reunion trip paddles from Bald Eagle Lake, up Kawishiwi  River/Lakes 1234/Insula/Thomas/Kekekabic/Knife/Saganaga. Lots of voyageur history along the way.

*Wet And Wild Memories-Rautio, Page 70: Not all paddling adventures are blue sky and clear sailing. Some of the best memories come from trips that were full of adversity. Embrace the delights and dilemmas of canoe country.

*Hubachek Wilderness Research Center- Monthei, Page 78: Since the 1920’s, the Hubachek center has left a legacy of wilderness research and stewardship of the Boundary Waters.

*Team Lunker- Martinson, Page 93: Two brothers share a very special love for each other and the canoe country. Inspiring account of how to share the wilderness with others.

*Wilderness Friends- Johnson, Page 95: Group of coworkers team up every year for a good time in the woods. You really get to know someone when overcoming all the challenges of canoe country.

Fall 2021

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