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  • Summer 2021

Summer 2021

Back In The BWCAW-Osthoff, Page 4:   Wilderness Guide/BWJ Publisher, Stu Osthoff, covers how to make the most of BWCAW tripping/fishing after COVID has closed the Quetico for 2020-21. How to escape the crowds and have the best possible trip/fishing action.

Portage’-Allen, Page 12: Modern-day portaging tales and advice mixed in with the history of how the Voyageurs did it. All the delights and dilemmas of paying your dues on the portage trails to enjoy the beauty, solitude and adventure of canoe country.

Bob Ohara: Far North Paddling Pioneer-Rodgers, Page 18:  Paddling legend, Bob Ohara, shares a lifetime of wilderness canoeing on North America’s most hallowed waters. Bob’s passion and unique approach to wilderness paddling has lessons for us all. And he still loves the BWCAW.

BWCAW Trophy Walleye Quest- Sheils, Page 40: Gunflint Trail walleye angler reveals all the tips for how, when, where to chase big walleyes in the BWCAW. Great intel for targeting trophy walleyes in the BWCAW.

Quiet Solo- Nowak, Page 46: Middle age woman, finds solo paddling is her thing. BWCAW routes that lead to solitude without a lot of portaging.

Jack Lake Mine- Geving, Page 50:  Day trip into the remains of this old mine north of the Baker Lake BWCAW entry point. Lots of history to ponder on this fun day trip destination.

Aquatic Invasive Species In The BWCAW- Forester, Page 53: How to recognize and avoid spreading the invasive species that threaten wilderness canoe country. We all have a responsibility to prevent the spread of these very bad species.

Fly Rod Popping BWCAW Bass- Watkins, Page 57: Great intro to getting started on BWCAW fly rod fishing for smallmouth. If you can cast a fly, you can fly fish canoe country smallmouth- there is nothing more fun in the fishing world than this.

BWCAW Navigating By The Seat Of Your Pants- Kesselring, Page 64: Lots of great advice for how to stay found on your canoe trips. From reading the map to reading the water and finding those hidden portage trails, navigate with confidence into the backcountry with lessons learned by the experts.

Putting It All Together, Page 68: BWJ Field Editors weigh in on playing the wilderness canoe tripping game at the highest level. The 50th, and final column, on different perspectives on all aspects of BWCAW/Quetico canoe tripping. This one takes a comprehensive approach to paddling/portaging/camping/fishing. Executing the game plan with savvy is what it is all about.

Enduring A Steep Learning Curve- Wendt, Page 93: Veteran Quetico paddler shares the lumps he has taken over the years in learning how to plan and take wilderness canoe trips that come off smoothly and produce happy memories vs. ones you would rather forget.

Summer 2021

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