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  • Spring 2021

Spring 2021

Canoe Country Reflections- Janssen, Page 4: Forty-five years of BWCAW/Quetico highlights from a hard-core paddler and angler. Digs deep into why he goes and what the canoe country means to him.

Mastering Canoe Country Lake Trout-Klos, Page 14: This is THE DEFINITIVE BWJ ARTICLE on how, when, where to fish big BWCAW lake trout. All the gear and tactics by the foremost experts on the subject.

White Wolf Encounter-Sundberg, Page 39: BWJ photographer lucks into a pack of wolves while photographing rutting moose off the Gunflint Trail. This pack had a rare white-colored wolf that he was able to get some good photos of.

Believe It Or Not-Blazino, Page 42: Unbelievable events, almost spooky happenings, to a longtime Quetico paddler. Fascinating tales you gotta read to believe. 

Coming Of Age In Canoe Country- Rautio, Page 48: Growing up in Ely in the 40’s and 50’s- stories about the way canoe tripping was in that era.  Big fish and wildlife tales of 75 years ago.

Ultralight Mode For Summer Tripping- Kesselring, Page 56: If you are into single portaging and traveling light, fast and far, here are the trip tips to make it happen for gear, paddling, portaging and camping.

Wilderness Camaraderie- Page 68: BWJ Field Editors weigh in on how you can reach out and help other friends, family and even those you don’t know, enjoy the wilderness canoe tripping experience. Give something back to this wonderful area and sport we all  love. You won’t regret it.

Wake Up The Smallmouth-Teach, Page 96: The Wake Bait crankbait can float on top or run two-feet under the surface- a versatile bait for smallmouth that won’t hit with traditional topwater baits.

Spring 2021

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