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  • Summer 2011


*Kahshahpiwi Base Camp – Tade – p.4

            base camp fishing trip: Basswood, Shade, Yum Yum, McNiece, Kahshahpiwi; bass & trout fishing

*Pinch Point Walleyes – Brauer – p.15

Reading the landscape to target Quetico walleye action; plus detailed tackle advice on how to fish these hotspots

*Two Old Guys – Erickson – p.18

70-year-old friends paddle a big BWCAW loop and prove you’re never too old: Little Indian Sioux River, Loon, Slim, Steep, Eugene, Beartrack, Thumb, Finger, Pocket, Lac La Croix, Iron Crooked, Horse River, Horse Lake, Tin Can & Mudro

*The Fungus Lake PMA – Kellgren – p.25

backcountry solitude in this BWCAW Primitive Management Area: Lake Isabella, Perent River,  Ferne Lake

*Quest For A Fly-Fishing Grand Slam – Notbohm – p.32

how and where to land Quetico trout, bass, pike and walleye on a fly: McAree, Pond, Wicksteed,  Darky, William, Brent, Cone, Argo & Crooked

*Living On The Edge – Editor’s Column – Osthoff – p.44

            The past 25-year history by BWJ Publisher, a BWCAW/Quetico lifestyle

*Chik-Wauk Museum – Monthei – p.55

            a must-see natural history museum of the Gunflint Trail

*Collective Wisdom – Canoe Country Dress Code – p.59

BWJ field editors cover the clothing they use and recommend for wilderness canoe trips; from boots and socks to pants, shirts, jackets and hats

*Lessons Learned—The Hard Way – LeRoy – p.75

            swamped and wind bound for days on an island in Seagull Lake; yet still having a great trip

*Father’s Greatest Gift – Leirfallom – p.79

passing on the canoe country tradition to our children

*Rock Solid Trip – Weiss – p.91

            a decision to pack out a souvenir rock from the BWCAW is made right years later

*Measuring Up – Aslanian – p.97

            is the measure of a man how he stands up in the face of canoe trip adversity?

Summer 2011

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