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T.R.I.P.S. Program Details (Available to 3 & 5 Year Subscribers):

  1. Contact Stu Osthoff to find out if he can mark maps for your trip route*
  2. If Stu responds "Yes I can Help", please fill out the complete trip questionnaire
  3. Purchase the appropriate map(s) for your route from our online store*

 *Stu will only mark maps for trip routes that he is familiar with
**If you already have the maps you need for your trip, please mail them to Stu with a self addressed, postage paid envelope

McKenzie Maps:

Easy to read, black text on white land and blue water. 2"= 1 mile. 20' BWCAW contour lines. 50' Quetico contour lines. Some lake bottom contours given in BWCAW. 25" x 30" maps. On durable waterproof paper. Specify when ordering.

McKenzie Map Index:
1 Pine, Greenwood, Mountain
2 East Bearskin, Clearwater, Alder
3 Ball Club, Winchell, Poplar
4 Gunflint, Loon, North
5 Magnetic, Gunflint, Northern Light
6 Saganaga, Sea Gull
7 Little Saganaga, Tuscarora, Sea Gull
8 Knife, Kekekabic, Thomas
9 Basswood, Snowbank, Sunday
10 Basswood, Crooked, Sarah
11 Jackfish, Beartrap, Thursday
12 Moose River, Stuart
13 Lac La Croix
14 Loon, Wilkins, Little Indian Sioux
15 Trout
16 Burntside, Cummings
17 Fall, Pipestone
18 Lake One, Bald Eagle
19 Isabella, Insula
20 Alton, Perent
21 Sawbill, Brule, Pipe
22 Arrow, Sandstone
23 Iron Range, Canthook, Jinx
24 Northern Light
25 Saganagons, Mack
26 This Man, Cache
27 Agnes, Kahshahpiwi
28 Brent, Poobah, Conmee
29 Argo, Minn, William
30 Red Pine, Badwater, Snow
31 Lac La Croix, Wolseley, Namakan R
32 Thompson, David, Namakan R
33 Beaverhouse, Whalen, Factor
34 Quetico, Cirrus, McCauley
35 Sturgeon, Burntside, Jean
36 Keefer, Williams, Camel
37 Kawnipi
38 Powell, Obadinaw R, Wawiag R
39 Titmarsh, Plummens, Nelson
40 Burchell
41 Tilly, Windigoostigwan
42 McKenzie, Cache, Buckingham
43 Russell, Olifaunt, Maligne R
44 Soho, Kasakokwog, Oriana
45 Pickerel, Batchewaung, Nym
46 Pickerel, Eva, Baptism
6A Saganaga, Saganagons

113 Lac La Croix (Contour Map) $10.95

10A Basswood $8.95

McKenzie Maps

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