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  • Expedition Plus

This paddle has everything the serious wilderness tripper wants: a 21 laminate hardwood shaft and wider hardwood blade deliver an efficient power stroke. The entire blade is protected by composite reinforced fiberglass cloth, making it the toughest wood paddle on the market.  Features new Wrap Around Rockgard protection from tip to 6" up the shaft. I've used this paddle extremely hard over the past 4 years, and it's become my absolute favorite. The new Ultimate T-Grip provides maximum control and long distance comfort. Specs: Blade 20" long, 8" wide: weight 28 oz.   

Bending Branches Canoe Paddles:
The exclusive paddle sponsor of BWJ Grand Slam Guide Service Trips. Both of these paddles deliver unmatched performance and beauty at a great price. Shafts and blades are laminated with select basswood and maple for lightweight comfort plus cherry and butternut for rigidity and attractiveness. Both feature wide blades with seven to eleven laminates to provide the acceleration needed on wilderness trips have exclusive Rockgard tips.

Expedition Plus

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