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Our New Blog - It's No Joke!

I like the irony of April 1st for the posting of this first ever entry on the BOUNDARY WATERS JOURNAL BLOG.  Those who know me as the quintessential “anti-technology guy” will no doubt assume this is some kind of an April Fools- joke.  But it’s no joke, it’s for real and I am 100% committed to making the BWJ Blog THE ONE that Boundary Waters fans rely on for the very latest “conditions on the ground”.  This BWJ Blog will be all about sharing the delights and dilemmas of “Living On The Edge” of canoe country with our loyal BOUNDARY WATERS JOURNAL following.  Think of it as the best way to get timely info that is so important to making the most of your own Boundary Waters adventures.  For the past 28 years, BOUNDARY WATERS JOURNAL has been the #1 source of inspiration and information for helping you enjoy the BWCAW/Quetico.  The BWJ Blog will be no different.

For those who figured it would be a cold day in hell when Stu Osthoff turned to blogs and facebook, let’s start this thing off with acknowledging this has indeed been the winter from hell.  We are talking many, many nights of twenty to thirty below and waist deep powder right through March.  Things finally crusted over yesterday but more snow is in the forecast for tomorrow.  I just finished working the Minneapolis Sportshow over the weekend and topic A was that this looks like a repeat of last year when the ice did not go out on the bigger lakes until May 15-17, post-fishing season opener.  A serious April heat wave could prevent breaking the late ice-out record of 2013 but it is a virtual lock that spring will be later than “normal” in 2014.  For the sake of my beloved Ely area whitetail deer, which are running on fumes right now, I hope spring rushes in sooner than later.

Osthoff-6119-Disappointment-2014.jpg Osthoff-6124-Ima-Trout-2014.jpg

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Welcome to the all new Boundary Waters Journal Blog

Thanks for visiting our newly designed website and blog. We will be writing regular blog posts in the months to come so be on the lookout for blog entries from Owner and Guide, Stu Osthoff and other guest bloggers. You can also be notified by email as soon as we update our blog by clicking the "Subscribe To Blog" button at the top of this page.

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